Effective Rule #8 – Deliberately Develop and Polish a Core Set of Mindsets

mindset – “a mental attitude or inclination”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Tenets on Mindset

  • Mindsets are part of the core of our human operating system
  • They give color to how we view the world
  • They influence heavily all of our unconscious daily habits
    • They influence the decisions we make unconsciously
  • Not all are created equal, for example,
    • some are empowering, and
    • others are debilitating
  • Mindsets can be changed, optimized
  • By deliberately developing and polishing our mindsets our habits will change for the better

Rule of Thumb

  • The more you become aware of your mindsets, the more deliberate influence you have over your thoughts, feelings and actions.

We take our mindsets and habits for granted. In fact, those who have never thought about having mindsets operate on mindsets given to them.

“Nobody is born a warrior in exactly the same way that no one is born an average man”

Carlos Castaneda