Setting Expectations
a tool for clear communication

The Gist

  • Setting expectations with others is one of the most effective tools of getting things done,
  • These do not need to be inflexible, as
  • They represent points of reference,
  • Help create an agreement between individuals, an
  • Bring balance to relationships.

These can be used in may types of agreements.

  • Timelines
  • Actions
  • Effort / Scope of Work

Why does this matter

Failing to set proper expectations, or any kind of expectations results in frictions with others. Therefore, in the workplace, they are essential.

In personal relationships, expectations are mostly implicit, and not every expectation needs to be made explicit, but some can definitely benefit from naming these out.

Setting effective expectations

Setting expectations is a habit, and setting effective expectations requires deliberate practice.

It is one of the hardest skills any leader or partner

It is probably one of the hardest skills to cultivate.